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Smiling woman ironing a shirtOur experts have a combined experience of over 30 years in the delicate business of laundry and ironing services.

We provide a door to door delivery service that uniquely caters to the customers daily schedule without causing any inconvenience to you.

If you need a weekly or a daily service we can certainly work around your timetable.
From table linen to formal shirts to the specialist hiking gear that you may only need once a year, we provide a personal yet expert ironing and laundry service.

We go as far as promising that so long as your order is made before 5pm your items will be picked up that very evening.

The experience we have gained over the years allows us to modify our service at every turn, ensuring that you get the best that we can bring in expertly ironing and laundering all varieties of clothing quickly and efficiently all the while maintaining a personal approach.
All garments are individually pressed and attention is paid not only to manufacturers guidelines but also to the needs of the particular garment with regards its current state of wear.

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woman with clean laundry after washAt Nice & Neat we understand that although clean clothes are a necessity the time to sit by a washing machine is not always available.
We are pleased to pick up your laundry and ensure that it is expertly laundered and pressed .

All items of clothing are carefully inspected and attention is paid to protecting the garment before it is subjected to the washing process.

So not only do you save time but you also improve the quality and appearance of your linens and clothing by ensuring that the laundry and ironing is done by experts who are there to dedicate their time in providing the best treatment to your laundry.

Using specially chosen detergents our duvet cleaning service will return all bedding in clean and hygienic state.

We pride ourselves in using the best techniques in removing stains and ensuring that all our technicians are trained to deal with the different needs of a variety of linens and materials.

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The dry cleaning process is designed for those garments that require a specialist laundry service. For those special materials that require dry cleaning we provide an expert service.

When dry cleaning we use specialist solvents that ensure that no water comes into contact with the garment pr linen being washed, ensuring that it remains of a high quality and is not damaged during the laundry process.

Our company has expert knowledge on how to ensure that all colours and fabric textures are maintained throughout the dry cleaning process. From beginning to finish all your laundry is treated with kid gloves.
Using traditional methods we avoid any abrasive chemicals that may cause shrinking, swelling or distortion of any of the fibres in the clothing and linens you trust us with

Not only do we provide an affordable, expert service but we also endeavour to extend the life span of your most prized garments and linens.
Our extensive experience in the ironing and laundry service industry means that our techniques are tried and tested and we can guarantee that no matter how soiled if we say we can remove the stain it will not be there when the item is returned.

LOCAL CARPET CLEANING SERVICE - click here for more info

All carpets require regular professional cleaning. However, not all carpets require the same treatment. In fact, get the wrong combination of carpet and cleaning product, and you can cause permanent damage. New carpets are an expensive purchase, which is why having an expert assess the situation is the sensible approach.

We understand that not everybody has the time to spend hours cleaning their carpets. Your increasingly busy lifestyle and demanding workload means even less time can be spent maintaining cleanliness – but what a difference a professional clean can make.